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We organize corporate
and marketing events

We have successfully organized over 700 projects worldwide since 2005.

No matter how many events we have already managed, no two of them are ever the same!
It`s been our attitude and approach since we started our event-related experience.

The fact that most of our clients are loyal to the company and new ones join them proves
we have chosen the right track. Our talented professionals make up
one smoothly running mechanism - Sshikom Creative Group.

Our Team
24 employees
47 clients
13 years
786 projects

Our team

have fiery eyes,

cool minds and golden hands

We come from different fields: journalism, music, marketing, etc., but fit together perfectly.
With the help of right chemistry in relations and creative spirit we formed our own micro climate.

We are constantly learning and have managed to raise our performance level significantly so far.
We solve all complex issues within our company which helps to reduce prices and still provide client with high quality service.

This is what makes driving force in Sshikom Creative Group so powerful.

Our approach
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014


Each history

consists of facts and figures

Each number and each fact is an event.
All these factors contributed to what we now know as
Sshikom Creative Group. Here is the retrospoctive of our journey.


4 people

Four people founded
the company


350 guests

The company organized Moscow
City Day and held its` first corporate
event for more than 350 people


We opened the doors to our first office: there were
no windows, no wall clocks, but it was our own working place!
That year we opened MICE direction and managed
events far beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg


Handmade car

We finally brought the symbol
of our company - hand built car - to our office.
It is used as a bar counter at reception


Bags-jumping in the Red Square

We held one of the funniest flashmobs,
promoting Samsung bagless vacuum cleaners:
Found out that bags were better suited
for jumping than for vacuums


Reefballs in the Black Sea!

Our first major social project:
together with MegaFon we contributed
to restoration of flora and fauna
of the Black Sea and set artificial reefs (reefballs)
onto the bottom.
They now clean the water and are home for lots of fish



Significant changes
in the company: new office – which is 200%
bigger than the old one, new
branding and design.
The company keeps pace with
the times



Automation PJs are implemented to
improve work quality: online brief,
feedback, "About us" section, e-letter and etc.


We organized social event for the children from
Phangan-An Island, the Philippines.
The aim of this Event was to equip the school:
we brought new deskS, paper, stationery, games and books.
This project will remain in our hearts for a long time

Regulation documents

For the whole year we were engaged in restoring order in the company and ourselves. All Business processes are described in Book of Knowledge Sshikom on more than 200 pages


Our approach is simple,
like all brilliant things:

we collect each project individually
as if it is an exclusive car

There are no two similar events in our portfolio.
Each project is a response to the clients` needs,
which reflects his personality, style and mood