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The legend's revival

New Year and CG Sshikom: counts

Sshikom took part in the annual meeting of the National Association of Event Organizers

Creative Group Sshikom always tries to find a new, unique and revolution solutions for your events. 

What does make man a real man? Of course, it is the presence of the woman

Who are men? Knights? Defenders? Or just Gods, that have come to us from Olympus?

What helps us to make cool events for our clients? It is our team spirit, professionalism and invariably perfect mood. 

A film venue in Sshikom office!

It’s a big pleasure for us to get an award for the work done, mostly if it’s a choice of the client.  

There are 300 projects on our web-site. This figure conceals experience, real team and trust of the clients 

This time we studied chinese and the main appliances on gala-dinner were chopsticks. 

Tour de Sshikom

Veni, Vedi, USA

Charge of fighting spirit

We save all victims` exploits in our memories...

Three-day travel to Nizhny Novgorod


Sshikom football team

Professionals in game

Sshikom Showreel 2014

This year our showreel is very different from what it was previously

Sea, sun and mountains

Inspection tour to Crimea

Breakfast about tomorrow

It`s time to climb

50 shadows of blue

The concept is manifested in the morning

Baikal. Bright. Winter.

How to spend the last days of winter?

What? Where? When?
Till everyone home
Crazy quest in Asian capital!
Kick Off 2015
Sshikom on the educational seminar ABT
Comedy Disco Night!
Opening of the new showroom of Huawei company
MeetingPlanners Russia 2014
Another one town is captured
Eventovedenie Sshikom
Work in the morning, afternoon, evening and night!
Shame of the Year by Sshikom!
Between us, the organizers
MusikMesse Frankfurt 2014
Sshikom Women Day
Eurotrip 2014
MCE Central & Eastern Europe 2014
The whole country movie battle
Happy New Year!
Suitcase mood!
The project, which will remain in hearts for a long time!
An Event on any groun by Sshikom
15 years of my family's favorite juice!
Baku legends
Up to the helicopter
Odessa Mama!
Real Baikal
It`s time of significant cases!
Successful are developing Sshikom!
Feel our organization!
A new section on the site!
We pass the equator on the bright side!
Our first cup!
This subject is my rock!
Feel our Greece!
A very very very big thank for you!
Another one year with Sshikom
Celebrated 7 years Sshikom!
Samsung. World tour
Here is some long-expected news from reef-ball fields!
Business meeting on gasification results, 2011
Together to New Heights
Bada Developer Day!
SafeLine: Guarding Information
Tarkett Brings Love
The Great Race of the Great Company
Nidan and the 2014 Olympics: Juice and Sport
"Barefooted" Party on the Azure Coast
Samsung Galaxy S II: Mobile Bestseller
Climatic Forces' Day
Children's Circus for Adults
Test Drive of the Future Today
TNT Golden Reserve
Secret Tests in the Center of Moscow
Shipwreck and Rescue
New View on Cheese!
SSHIKOM Reef Balls: Clean Water Area!
Ancient Handicraft under Novgorod Sky
Conquerors of "Rough Water"!
Geography of RegiongasHolding Success
Presentation in the Style of King. World Premiere!
Fortunate Season at the Red Sea
New Year's Extreme Protection
Connecting Cities and Countries!
Innovation and Technology!
Flash Mob "Bags: Amusing and Inconvenient!"
Saving from Boredom!
The Rules of Chevrolet Cruze!
Fortunate Summer 2009!
Take the Bull by the Horns at Unimilk New Year's Corrida!
L’Occitane Honey Apiary in Moscow Center!
Street Challenge "Cowboys of the Wild Wild MKAD"
Epson in the Best Handicraft Traditions!
Optimania 2008: Movement to New Victories!
One, two, three - TransGroup AS on the top of the tree!
Builder's Day with Renova StroyGroup - Always at High Level!
The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy by Procter&Gamble
Procter&Gamble: Success of Business Communication!
Adrenalin + Four Elements = MegaFon OJSC
Pioneer Solves Mystery of Superbeach!
Big-time Sports is a Technical Matter!
OJSC MegaFon: Operation "Precious Connection"
Happy Birthday, National Insurance Group!
Festive Night with a View of the Kremlin!
Around the World with TransGroup AS