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We organize events that do good and bring joy to people

Event organized for Saint-Gobain partners

Creative Group Sshikom always tries to find a new, unique and revolution solutions for your events. 

It is a movie about stars that have lighted up in AVON!

350 years is a historical global event 

What does make man a real man? Of course, it is the presence of the woman

The beginning of a healthy tradition

7000 guests took part in gala dinner within the corporate exhibition METRO EXPO 

Who are men? Knights? Defenders? Or just Gods, that have come to us from Olympus?

Alive joy in the eyes of the near - is the most valuable!

What helps us to make cool events for our clients? It is our team spirit, professionalism and invariably perfect mood. 

TNT Television Network pleases the audience for 15 years!

Annual festival of Moscow regional communities

A film venue in Sshikom office!

Cosmic New Year with Herbalife!

Team Herbalife is steadily going to new successes at all speed!

VI International festival "Cossack stanitsa"

Lubo, bratsi, lubo!

Bangkok UpSideDown

Quest in the capital of Thailand prepared by 3 days

Series of events at the heart of Azerbaijan

Follow me in Baku

My World is Valenta!

What is it like, your companys` world?

AGC Clients and Partners Meeting 2013

Azerbaijan - the Land of Fire

Three letters that rocked PELOPONNESE!

Corporate event for all employees

International MICE Geography Show 2016
Tarkett: Love Rules the World
Be First with Samsung
The endless web-site of Sshikom!
The Night of the AD Eaters - Cult Commercials and Samsung Top Models!
MegaFon social action Green Wave – new technologies ecologically supporting the Black Sea
RENOVA World Tour - Achievements Expressed in Nautical Miles. Corporative Event Devoted to Builder's Day with Sailing Regatta and Luxury Gala Dinner
Visiying of Shanghai
Phototrip round Unusual Places of the World with Samsung Cameras - New Models' Presentation by SSHIKOM!
Feel the Atmosphere of Provence at L’Occitane Promotional Action!
TNT is more than just a channel!
You will Cycle
IV Olympics of national communities and national-culture associations of Moscow.
The harvest evening of Claas
Feel our New Year!
Memorial Day of the Cossacks` exploit in the defense of Moscow in November 1941
Shell High School of Security
TNT - Show must go on!
Extreme reboot
Disco Club Comedy Club
Especially safe
Creation Day
Patriotic action in honor of the fallen soldiers-cossacks
Sky. Helicopter. Girl.
For TNT! Nobody, but us!
Hankook at Moscow Raceway
Knowledge Day - a holiday that celebrates the whole country!
Once in Odessa ...
Fusion Carnival
Fantastic MegaFon Carnival
Three-day travel to Nizhny Novgorod
Night in WOW Style! On TNT!
Forward, Nidan!
"Barefooted" Party on the Azure Coast
Sshikom football team
Sports Event for Whole Family - LG Annual Festival!
Interparty Confrontation and Country's Main Resident Elections at Comedy Club Annual International Festival on the Red Sea Coast!
TNT Reveals its Golden Reserve at New Year Event by SSHIKOM!
Sshikom Showreel 2014
MegaFon and SSHIKOM Social Project - Restoration of Skate Park in Sochi!
Egypt Holiday Village on Red Sea Shore - METTEM Technologies Winter Partner Event by SSHIKOM!
MegaFon - Under Earth and Over Clouds!
Sea, sun and mountains
Flash Mob and Viral Reel "Bags: Funny, but Not Serious" - Promotion of Samsung New Vacuum Cleaners with SSHIKOM!
General Headquarters - New Year Event for the MICEX partners: Recreating Atmosphere of Closed Society with SSHIKOM
Real African Safari in the Moscow Region with Land Rover!
Breakfast about tomorrow
Moscow City Day with Komus!
A grand opening of a new plant in Podolsk!
Journey to Lapland!
50 shadows of blue
Knowledge Day and Cossack celebration
Summer festival 2016 of company AVON.
25 years! Start of new victories!
Baikal. Bright. Winter.
Glam Rock Party
Festival of Cossack military art "Kazarla"
A Sense of Future
What? Where? When?
4 capitals
Success Formula
Huaweis` new showroom opening in business center Green wood
Till everyone home
Meeting Planners Russia 2014
Gyproc Olympics - May. Durable. Yours.
Nidan Family Anniversary
Crazy quest in Asian capital!
Ecofestival in Mnevniki Park
Amore Siciliana!
Dialogs on the kitchen. New Year Party!
Kick Off 2015
New year: ver. 6.0
10 years in motion!
Created for you. Inspired by nature!
Sshikom on the educational seminar ABT
"On the wave of success!"
Closed School for Open People
Eralash. Revolvers. Pink Jackets - Birthday in 90s Style
Comedy Disco Night!
Freedom to New Ideas!
Together to New Heights!
Dinner For International Partners
Opening of the new showroom of Huawei company
Nidan Juices. "Happy B-day, Moscow!"
Integra Birthday - Top Level Always
Lights! Camera! GoodFood! Action!
MeetingPlanners Russia 2014
Summer Beach and Sports Great Race of Eldorado
Everything is Serious - Samsung Series 9 Laptop Presentation
Magic New Year Circus for Adults and Children - New Year Miracle for Leader by SSHIKOM!
Another one town is captured
New Year Premieres: First on the Screen - "Big Difference" by RegiongazHolding!
Test Drive of MegaFon's Future
Culinary Delicacies at Direct Design New Year's Duel!
Eventovedenie Sshikom
SGS: Dream Occupations in Company Where All Dreams Come True!
Team Building in Style of Lost - SGS Teams Gain Victory on Mysterious Island After Shipwreck!
Cheese as Art - New Look at Cheese as Product. Outdoor Art Exhibition Devoting to Cheese in Yekaterinburg Streets and VIP Presentation in the Best Restaurant of the City
Work in the morning, afternoon, evening and night!
Creative and Constructive Process – Trade Master Classes for Unilever Employees!
Unforgettable Yacht Regatta in Honor of Trade Lock Anniversary in Atmosphere of Real Tropical Paradise!
Rafting - Extreme Format of Team Building at WHIRLPOOL CIS Corporative Event!
Shame of the Year by Sshikom!
New News Format Specially for MegaFon!
Samsung Culinary Show at Food Show 2010
Journey around Russia during One Night with RegiongazHolding: Kamchatka, Plesetzk spaceport, Arkhangelsk, Sochi, the Tver Region
Between us, the organizers
Thriller in Style of Stephen King - New Video Game Alan Wake Presentation!
Main Annual Exhibition of Samsung Product Innovations in Russia!
MegaFon Superheroes in Main Battle of the Century for Hearts of Company's Fair Ladies!
MusikMesse Frankfurt 2014
Best Shots from Hit Films of Decade Starring Samsung Laptops!
Ski Resort and New Year Outdoor Competitions - BytErg New Year Team Building!
Organization of Innovation Technology Exhibition by SSHIKOM!
Sshikom Women Day
Specially for Those who Establish their Own Rules and Make the Impossible Possible - New Chevrolet Cruze Presentation!
Renova StroyGroup Corporative Builder's Day - Status Event on One of the Best Cruise Restaurants in Moscow!
Summer Joys and Team Games on Real Vegetable Patches in the Garden!
Eurotrip 2014
Social Project by SSHIKOM and MegaFon - Restoration of the Open-Air Museum in Novorossiysk!
Optima Sports Festival – Large-Scale Event for Successful Company!
WorldWide Invest AS Team Building Event in Style of Military Training - “O’Zarnitsa” by SSHIKOM!
MCE Central & Eastern Europe 2014
Quest Game as Effective Way to Present New Product - Solution for Pioneer by SSHIKOM!
The gala party with Presidential Orchestra and View of Kremlin within Framework of London Stock Exchange Representatives' Social Function
First Canon Business Centre in Russia Opened on Banks of the Neva with Support of SSHIKOM!
The whole country movie battle
Russian Winter Games in Magic Icy Town
Revolutionary concept, vivid performances and Dutch DJ - connected through one network
Being Leader, Being Yourself, Being Part of Rambler!
Happy New Year!
Studio 54 - Opening of Cult Night Club Specially for Nival Interactive Anniversary
New Year Football match
Olympus Wizards
Suitcase mood!
VIII Sport Games LG "Bright Victories"
Baikal Expedition
Day of health and safety and environmental care
The project, which will remain in hearts for a long time!
10 years in buisiness sea
Architectural splendor
Russian Fair!
An Event on any groun by Sshikom
VII Sport Games "LG 2014"
Stada Games 2014
Generation VIS
15 years of my family's favorite juice!
Automechanika powered by MIMS 2013
The Indians of New Grow Light!
Day of a good mood!
Baku legends
The Champions League
World of endless possibilities!
Winter Olympics 2013
Up to the helicopter
Visiting Fairy Tales!
Some Like It Hot
6th Birthday of European SC!
Odessa Mama!
Anniversary of the Honorable Surname
Disco-night discounts in European Shopping Center
The opening of mono-store for Samsung in Gorbushka
Real Baikal
Winter Olympics 2012
Business meeting on gasification results, 2011
Let's Taste!
It`s time of significant cases!
Let's Skate!
Revolvers Band and Crimson Jackets
Children's Dream Professions
Successful are developing Sshikom!
Miracles of oriental quarter on new year’s eve
Disco Party! New Year to Be Bright!
Visiting Chevrolet Orlando!
Feel our organization!
MegaFon Adventures in Zavidovo
V All-Russian Forum on Service and Sales in Kazan
Welcome to bada Developer Day!
A new section on the site!
Information Security Safeline!
Homemade Meat Dumplings by WorldWide Invest AS
Driving Together! Flying Individually?
We pass the equator on the bright side!
Everything Serious: Top Laptop at Top Event
Chevrolet Spark - Coming Soon on All City Highways!
Sensation: 8 March - First Ladies’ TV Channel!
Our first cup!
Up-to-Date Technologies and Korean Cultural Traditions at Samsung Stand!
TJ Collection's Big House
Corporative Venice Carnival - New Year Event in Masks for Lactalis!
This subject is my rock!
Illegal Party in Gangster Style!
Sicilian Sun in Moscow Winter for M-I-SWACO by SSHIKOM!
Switching on Big City Lights with Power Engineers - Corporative Power Engineer's Day Celebration with IDGC of Centre!
Feel our Greece!
Gosloto FM on Air! New Year Meeting Devoted to Corporative Event – Only Once a Year for Orglot!
Hot Dances and Skiing at Nival Network New Year Event by SSHIKOM!
Combination of Pure Ice and Burning Fire at Herbalife New Year Corporative Event by SSHIKOM!
Real Liqueurs for Real Men: VIP Master Class for MegaFon VIPs!
Hankook at 2010 Car Exhibition
Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Wave Mobile Phones Presentation in the Very Heart of Russia!
A very very very big thank for you!
Russian Fairy Tale in Forests near Moscow - BytErg Corporative Team Building!
Three Trips to Remote Parts of the World - Samsung Camera Presentation!
New Extreme Sports Created by SSHIKOM for Informzaschita New Year Corporative Event!
Another one year with Sshikom
Regiongazholdig employees - stars of Blue Flower Musical!
Twenty-Five below Zero - Hot Night and Russian Frost at Torrid Party!
New Year's Meeting of SGS Strongest Clans in the style of Chicago of the Thirties
Celebrated 7 years Sshikom!
Samsung Partner Event in Style of New Year's Venice on Board of Cruise Restaurant!
Unilever connects countries and cities!
Learning All School Subjects with the Help of Samsung MP3 Player – Open Lessons in Moscow Streets by SSHIKOM!
Samsung. World tour
Street Challenge in Western Style by Chevrolet and Opel!
Reconstruction of Ancient Master Town with its Traditions and Handicrafts!
Corporative Builder's Day - RENOVA StroyGroup Professional Holiday by SSHIKOM!
Here is some long-expected news from reef-ball fields!
Latest Procter&Gamble Products at Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy!
River Cruise - Informal Area Favoring Success of Business Event!
Football Tournament "YouCanCanon" with Organizational Support of SSHIKOM!
Business meeting on gasification results, 2011
Brilliant Hunting by Best Content Providers
Childlike holiday joys for adult National Insurance Group
New Year World Tour for WorldWide Invest AS by SSHIKOM!
Together to New Heights
New Year Press Event in the Style of Cult Studio 54
First Mobile Television Created by MegaFon employees!
FORMAG Corporative Compass Leading to Success!
Bada Developer Day!
Diamonds Mining and Brilliants Cutting with Cornerstone
Heroes of Might & Magic by Nival Interactive!
Blitzkrieg and Great Victory in Nival Interactive Presentation!
SafeLine: Guarding Information
V Olympics of Moscow cultural communities
By the tracks of Cartoonteam!
Three steps to New Year with Trade Lock!
Tarkett Brings Love
International MICE Geography Show 2016
IX Sport Games of LG. Sport will decorate this world with new paints!
Company`s Birthday Party. 10 years old!
The Great Race of the Great Company
It`s time to act
SC European Birthday
A tournament among the cossaks-druzhinniks on military-applied sports
Nidan and the 2014 Olympics: Juice and Sport
School - is a house of knowledge
Izover Inside v.2
"Barefooted" Party on the Azure Coast
Trade Lock`s platinum 20
New Drauber plant opening
Christmas superstars Ball
Samsung Galaxy S II: Mobile Bestseller
Carnival around the world
Forum 2013 "Together to Success"
The promotional tour to Prague for the Carlo Pazolini staff
Climatic Forces' Day
Green Sixteen!
Green Wave
The Lake Baikal. Version 2013
Children's Circus for Adults
Teosyal Expert Day III
Promo at the exhibition MosBuild` 2013
Car draw with AJAC
Test Drive of the Future Today
United colors of Skolkovo
Dialogues on the kitchen. Pre-party
TNT Golden Reserve
Welcome to Hollywood!
Clients’ Day
Rostik Amusement Park
Secret Tests in the Center of Moscow
Champion’s luck autograph
“Technology” band. Pink jackets – new year in the 90-s way
JAC Up to the Mark!
Shipwreck and Rescue
Steppe. Chess. Annual Campaign of MegaFon!
Slavic Traditions, Stylized Ancient Houses and Immersion in History with Beeline
Olympic Nights in Sochi!
New View on Cheese!
May Days on the Banks of the Neva!
Climatic Forces' Day in Association Japanese Air Conditioners - Best Dealers Get Together under Association Flag!
Let It Be Rock-n-Roll!
SSHIKOM Reef Balls: Clean Water Area!
New Year's Hipsters and Stirring Acts by Employees at TARKETT Rus Corporative Party by SSHIKOM!
Barrier Filter New Year Promotional Campaign - Father Frost Gives Presents to Those Who Choose Best Filters!
Halloween for MegaFon - Corporative Festival with Carnival Costumes, Horrors, Funny Hair-Raisers and Pumpkins!
Ancient Handicraft under Novgorod Sky
Karelian Meeting
TJ-Broadcasting - New Radio Wave!
Ancient Legends of Veliky Novgorod in Nobel Oil Game Event!
Conquerors of "Rough Water"!
The LOST: Save Squirrels and Survive!
Healthy Lifestyle and Team Games at Annual Festival - 1 500 LG Employees with Their Families Took Part in Sports Competitions!
New Technologies by Samsung
Geography of RegiongasHolding Success
Hipster Party - Drive, Rock'n'Roll and Vortex of Bright Colors in the New Year's Cocktail
Tarkett New Year Fancy-Dress Ball in the Tsereteli Art Gallery!
Boredom-Busters - Samsung Promotional Campaign in Moscow Metro!
Presentation in the Style of King. World Premiere!
Promotional Campaign Aimed at Growth of Barrier Filters Sales!
Provence Honey Apiaries in Moscow Top Shopping Centers - L'Occitane Promotional Campaign by SSHIKOM!
Corporative Carting Tour for Libra Capital in the Fox Lodge!
Fortunate Season at the Red Sea
Adrenalin and Four Elements Uniting the Company
Big-time Sports is a Technical Matter!
Conference for Canon Partners and Dealers at High Professional Level!
New Year's Extreme Protection
New Year's Art Gallery of Parquet Masterpieces by Parquet Hall!
Precious Places of Sochi in MegaFon Corporative Intensive Tour
Matrix of Mobile Entertainment - Reconstruction of Virtual Worlds in Real Time!
Connecting Cities and Countries!
Five Energies United by Mosenergosbyt
Night Watch by Nival Interactive Rushes through Dark Streets!
Exactly the same! Olympus on the stage!
Innovation and Technology!
ELVEES NeoTek is a Super Team
Shell World New Year Party
Tsyfrolyandiya Land
Flash Mob "Bags: Amusing and Inconvenient!"
Breakfast about tomorrow
IES Film Awards 2013
New Year event "Life is beautiful!"
Saving from Boredom!
Altai Legends: Top Secret
RuRu Marine Flotilla
Bright future world of RURU
The Rules of Chevrolet Cruze!
Gala dinner at the end of the first day of the conference
Samsung Forum "Mobility in enterprise-class"
Samsung Press-Event
Fortunate Summer 2009!
Summarizing of Saint-Gobain
Christmas Polar
Summer Olympics 2012
Take the Bull by the Horns at Unimilk New Year's Corrida!
MAXimum positive for Maxus company!
Raft Adventure Success Land
Health Festival Welness Fest
L’Occitane Honey Apiary in Moscow Center!
Organization and holding of New Year corporative event
Lake Baikal - Perfect Place for Partner Meetings!
Future Today - MegaFon Business Meeting.
Street Challenge "Cowboys of the Wild Wild MKAD"
TV Show - "Put It on Immediately!"
New Product Presentation in Format of New Secret Super Weapon Test in Stalin's Underground Bunker - Joint Development by Tesli and Shnider Electric!
Family Sport
Epson in the Best Handicraft Traditions!
Unimilk Spanish New Year Corrida by SSHIKOM!
Lexus Planet
Evening Nanolek
Optimania 2008: Movement to New Victories!
Actions on Moscow Railway Stations: Letter to Santa Claus, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
Children and youth cossack tournament "Be ready for Labour and Defence"
Family Picnic
One, two, three - TransGroup AS on the top of the tree!
Evening with Sandvik partners
Company`s Birthday Party. 9 years old!
Builder's Day with Renova StroyGroup - Always at High Level!
Schaller Anniversary
Gyproc Energy
The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy by Procter&Gamble
Partner Event for Sandvik Coromant
Teosyal Expert Day IV
New Year in a friendly company!
Procter&Gamble: Success of Business Communication!
Christmas Eve
Festa all’Italiana
Hankook international freight auto show Comtrans 2013
Adrenalin + Four Elements = MegaFon OJSC
The anniversary of the drug "Candide" - 20 years in Russia