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Event organized for Saint-Gobain partners

Alive joy in the eyes of the near - is the most valuable!

Quest in the capital of Thailand prepared by 3 days

Event on the UNESCO object

Organization and holding of MegaFon corporative event encouraging the company’s employees who won MegaConsultant competition. To organize a social urban action

High five – Let’s get it on!

What can bring us closer together than common kitchen?

Summer Beach and Sports Great Race of Eldorado

The Great Race of Eldorado

New Year Premieres: First on the Screen - "Big Difference" by RegiongazHolding!

Organization and holding of RegiongazHolding New Year event

Test Drive of MegaFon's Future

MegaFon Corporative New Year's Event

Culinary Delicacies at Direct Design New Year's Duel!

Direct Design Visual Branding Corporative New Year Event

SGS: Dream Occupations in Company Where All Dreams Come True!

Organization and Holding of SGS Corporative New Year Party

Team Building in Style of Lost - SGS Teams Gain Victory on Mysterious Island After Shipwreck!

Organization and holding of team building for SGS

Creative and Constructive Process – Trade Master Classes for Unilever Employees!

Organization and holding of Unilever corporative event

Unforgettable Yacht Regatta in Honor of Trade Lock Anniversary in Atmosphere of Real Tropical Paradise!
Rafting - Extreme Format of Team Building at WHIRLPOOL CIS Corporative Event!
New News Format Specially for MegaFon!
Ski Resort and New Year Outdoor Competitions - BytErg New Year Team Building!
Summer Joys and Team Games on Real Vegetable Patches in the Garden!
Social Project by SSHIKOM and MegaFon - Restoration of the Open-Air Museum in Novorossiysk!
Optima Sports Festival – Large-Scale Event for Successful Company!
WorldWide Invest AS Team Building Event in Style of Military Training - “O’Zarnitsa” by SSHIKOM!
Being Leader, Being Yourself, Being Part of Rambler!
Baikal Expedition
10 years in buisiness sea
Day of a good mood!
The Champions League
Winter Olympics 2013
Winter Olympics 2012
Homemade Meat Dumplings by WorldWide Invest AS
Corporative Venice Carnival - New Year Event in Masks for Lactalis!
Hot Dances and Skiing at Nival Network New Year Event by SSHIKOM!
Combination of Pure Ice and Burning Fire at Herbalife New Year Corporative Event by SSHIKOM!
Russian Fairy Tale in Forests near Moscow - BytErg Corporative Team Building!
New Extreme Sports Created by SSHIKOM for Informzaschita New Year Corporative Event!
Regiongazholdig employees - stars of Blue Flower Musical!
Reconstruction of Ancient Master Town with its Traditions and Handicrafts!
Football Tournament "YouCanCanon" with Organizational Support of SSHIKOM!
Brilliant Hunting by Best Content Providers
Childlike holiday joys for adult National Insurance Group
New Year World Tour for WorldWide Invest AS by SSHIKOM!
First Mobile Television Created by MegaFon employees!
Izover Inside v.2
The Lake Baikal. Version 2013
United colors of Skolkovo
Slavic Traditions, Stylized Ancient Houses and Immersion in History with Beeline
Karelian Meeting
Ancient Legends of Veliky Novgorod in Nobel Oil Game Event!
The LOST: Save Squirrels and Survive!
Healthy Lifestyle and Team Games at Annual Festival - 1 500 LG Employees with Their Families Took Part in Sports Competitions!
Corporative Carting Tour for Libra Capital in the Fox Lodge!
Adrenalin and Four Elements Uniting the Company
Big-time Sports is a Technical Matter!
New Year's Art Gallery of Parquet Masterpieces by Parquet Hall!
Matrix of Mobile Entertainment - Reconstruction of Virtual Worlds in Real Time!
RuRu Marine Flotilla
Summer Olympics 2012
MAXimum positive for Maxus company!
Family Sport
Unimilk Spanish New Year Corrida by SSHIKOM!
Family Picnic
Family Day 2013!
Meeting of Buratino and Rustle of Tutu - Exclusive Book News
Star Concept of Fifteenth Anniversary for Herbalife Russia Stars!