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It is a movie about stars that have lighted up in AVON!

Team Herbalife is steadily going to new successes at all speed!

New Year in tune withgood music, entertainment and surprises

TNT– we are different, but we are together! 

Digital technologies for communication

Corporative New Year event in carnival style

Organization of a New Year event for TNT Television Network

What can bring us closer together than common kitchen?

New Year corporative event for Direct Design Visual Branding

Magic New Year Circus for Adults and Children - New Year Miracle for Leader by SSHIKOM!

Adult circus for Leader employees and partners' children

New Year Premieres: First on the Screen - "Big Difference" by RegiongazHolding!

Organization and holding of RegiongazHolding New Year event

Test Drive of MegaFon's Future

MegaFon Corporative New Year's Event

Culinary Delicacies at Direct Design New Year's Duel!

Direct Design Visual Branding Corporative New Year Event

SGS: Dream Occupations in Company Where All Dreams Come True!

Organization and Holding of SGS Corporative New Year Party

Ski Resort and New Year Outdoor Competitions - BytErg New Year Team Building!

BytErg Ski Resort

Russian Winter Games in Magic Icy Town

Organization and holding of a New Year's interactive event for inhabitants and owners of Novahovo Village

New Year for the residents of SAD
Hurly-burly in the kingdom of fairy tales!
New Year Football match
Olympus Wizards
Stada Games 2014
Visiting Fairy Tales!
Some Like It Hot
Let's Taste!
Let's Skate!
Revolvers Band and Crimson Jackets
Children's Dream Professions
Miracles of oriental quarter on new year’s eve
Disco Party! New Year to Be Bright!
MegaFon Adventures in Zavidovo
Corporative Venice Carnival - New Year Event in Masks for Lactalis!
Illegal Party in Gangster Style!
Sicilian Sun in Moscow Winter for M-I-SWACO by SSHIKOM!
Switching on Big City Lights with Power Engineers - Corporative Power Engineer's Day Celebration with IDGC of Centre!
Gosloto FM on Air! New Year Meeting Devoted to Corporative Event – Only Once a Year for Orglot!
Hot Dances and Skiing at Nival Network New Year Event by SSHIKOM!
Combination of Pure Ice and Burning Fire at Herbalife New Year Corporative Event by SSHIKOM!
New Extreme Sports Created by SSHIKOM for Informzaschita New Year Corporative Event!
Regiongazholdig employees - stars of Blue Flower Musical!
Twenty-Five below Zero - Hot Night and Russian Frost at Torrid Party!
New Year's Meeting of SGS Strongest Clans in the style of Chicago of the Thirties
Samsung Partner Event in Style of New Year's Venice on Board of Cruise Restaurant!
New Year World Tour for WorldWide Invest AS by SSHIKOM!
By the tracks of Cartoonteam!
Three steps to New Year with Trade Lock!
Christmas superstars Ball
Carnival around the world
Forum 2013 "Together to Success"
Dialogues on the kitchen. Pre-party
Welcome to Hollywood!
“Technology” band. Pink jackets – new year in the 90-s way
Let It Be Rock-n-Roll!
New Year's Hipsters and Stirring Acts by Employees at TARKETT Rus Corporative Party by SSHIKOM!
Hipster Party - Drive, Rock'n'Roll and Vortex of Bright Colors in the New Year's Cocktail
Tarkett New Year Fancy-Dress Ball in the Tsereteli Art Gallery!
New Year's Art Gallery of Parquet Masterpieces by Parquet Hall!
Five Energies United by Mosenergosbyt
Exactly the same! Olympus on the stage!
Shell World New Year Party
IES Film Awards 2013
New Year event "Life is beautiful!"
Bright future world of RURU
Summarizing of Saint-Gobain
Christmas Polar
Organization and holding of New Year corporative event
Unimilk Spanish New Year Corrida by SSHIKOM!
Evening Nanolek
Actions on Moscow Railway Stations: Letter to Santa Claus, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
New Year in a friendly company!
Christmas Eve
Festa all’Italiana
Pin Up Party
New Year Tuning!
New Year at The Great Gatsby
Culinary New Year
Mysterious Adventures in the New Years Eve
The season of a lot of adventurous!