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The beginning of a healthy tradition

Keeping healthy tradition alive

Optima sports festival – a large-scale event for a successful company

New Extreme Sports Created by SSHIKOM for Informzaschita New Year Corporative Event!

Olympic Extreme Sports at Informzaschita New Year Corporative Event

IX Sport Games of LG. Sport will decorate this world with new paints!

LG makes this world brighter! 

A tournament among the cossaks-druzhinniks on military-applied sports
Healthy Lifestyle and Team Games at Annual Festival - 1 500 LG Employees with Their Families Took Part in Sports Competitions!

Healthy Lifestyle and Team Games at LG Festival

Corporative Carting Tour for Libra Capital in the Fox Lodge!

Libra Capital Family Day

Big-time Sports is a Technical Matter!

The company's annual mass sports festival.

ELVEES NeoTek is a Super Team
Summer Olympics 2012
MAXimum positive for Maxus company!
Health Festival Welness Fest
Children and youth cossack tournament "Be ready for Labour and Defence"
Summer Sports Resort and Excellent Mood with Intercomp
V Olympics of Moscow cultural communities